Man-Machine is a contemporary dance performance that studies the relationship between men and machines. How does our humanity change when our everyday life in increasing tempo is handled by computers? Is the technology a friend or a foe? Computers have evolved in a very short time from room-sized calculators to portable and wearable devices with high-powered microchips that overlap our lives and shape our social identities. Home electronics, traffic control systems, data networks and security cameras are already part of our chip-controlled everyday life.

We want to think that we know how these devices work but in reality a large number of people hardly understand the various user interfaces. Are we able to keep up the pace? Should we be more cautious with technology and its development? Is man still in control or has machine taken over the drivers seat?

Garry Kasparov lost against IBM's chess-computer Deep Blue in 1997. Last year the Chinook computer became unbeatable in checkers by completely resolving the game. How long will it take for artificial intelligence to challenge the creativity of human mind? This is no longer a question only to be asked by science fiction authors.

Man-Machine interrogates todays zeitgeist combining dance, theater, electronic music and video projections probing todays world where men and machines simultaneously work with and against each other. It is a performance that leaves you something to think about.

The text in the performance is in English

on stage:
Taavet Jansen (Est)
Mikko Orpana (Fin)
Päär Pärenson (Est)
Juho Rahijärvi (Fin)
Renzo van Steenbergen (NL)

The piece has been created and performed in Helsinki in Kokoteateri. Man-Machine has also been shown in Tallinn and Giessen.